This boy seems to pop up everywhere, and has escaped death more often then the rest of Sunnydale put together (or so it seems). We first got a glimpse of him at the Cultural Dance at the Bronze where he was approached by Ampata. Ampata tried to seduce him into kissing her so that she could suck out his life force, but when Jonathon heard Xander coming he bailed out as fast as he could.

His next appearance was at the Bronze once more where he was busy waiting on Cordelia (Cinnamon, chocolate, half-caf, nonfat cappuccino with extra foam) after her ordeal with the fraternity boys and Machita. It seemed that Jonathon was forever going to be mishandled by women. Especially after he was almost killed by Patrice (of the Order of Taraka) during her attempt on Buffy's life. Once she realized that she was no match for the slayer, Patrice held a knife to his neck and used him to escape from the school's lounge. She let him go though and he was safe once more.

Of course it isn't always human women who attack or harass Jonathon. When the mother Bezoar sent out her hatchlings to bring back slaves to free her, one of them got hold of Jonathon right in front of Buffy and Xander. But after Buffy killed the mother Bezoar all of the hatchlings fell off their hosts and Jonathon was free.

It is surprising that Jonathon hasn't been let into the Scooby gang considering all the times he almost caught them talking shop in the Library. Once, when the gang was talking about the fact that they were going to have to take steps to ensure that Angel couldn't enter their homes anymore, Jonathon came into the library with another student to get some books on Stalin. He barely missed hearing the whole conversation.

Jonathon hasn't always been the victim of women though. One actually has saved him: Buffy. When Dodd McAlvy held Jonathon's face underwater at a beach party celebrating the latest victory of the Sunnydale Swim Team, it was Buffy who saved him. Not that Jonathon was too appreciative…his ego was crushed. So to get back at Dodd and all the other swimmers who taunted him because he couldn't get on the team (he has asthma) he peed in the pool. Raise your hand if "ew".

But finally Jonathon started to get over his shyness and tried to fit in more. He even went to a party at Buffy's house after her return from Los Angeles, but got caught in the crossfire when Buffy and Xander started arguing about her running away. He tried to stay in the corner by the dip, but still ended up getting involved. Luckily he got out of the house in time before the zombies attacked.

By this time Buffy had started to take notice of Jonathon. So when it came time for her to call up old acquaintances to vote for her for Homecoming Queen, she had him on her list. But the cupcake she offered him as bribery wasn't enough. It seemed that Cordelia had given Jonathon six bucks for his vote. Just goes to show how loyal he is.

But it seems that Jonathon is destined to be alone. Last time we saw him he was sitting alone on the stairs while Harmony pointed him out to Cordelia and said that he would be the perfect replacement for Xander. Jonathon was crushed when he realized that Harmony was making fun of him.

This last act made Jonathon's frail self image shatter which he decided that it might be better to end things once and for all. But Buffy mistook his intentions at suicide as an attempt at shooting other students. However, her pep talk made Jonathon realize that he wasn't truly alone and he decided not to go through with his attempt at killing himself.

The many times that Buffy has saved Jonathon's life might have been the force behind him being the chosen one to present her with her "Class Protector" award at the Prom. He stood on the stage and commended her for her actions over the past three years and told her how they all felt about her.

Jonathon now has a new self image and a realization that even he can make a difference after assisting Buffy and the slayerettes defeat the Mayor and his minions at Graduation. After surviving the incident unscathed he found himself comforting a very attractive fellow student. It seems that things are only starting for Jonathon...and now that he has become closer to Buffy and her crew it is possible that we haven't seen the last of him either.

So what's next for the mysterious boy from Sunnydale? We'll have to wait and see.